Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Inaugural Post

Welcome to eBay Diva, a blog by me about my eBay adventures.

I have been on eBay since May of 1998....when eBay itself was only about 2.5 years old. This was back before it was easy to list an item to sell...when HTML was the way to go. The very first thing I did was sell a Nintendo game. I actually sold items for a year before I bought anything. (I guess I didn't trust a website that you paid for something before you got it...LOL...altho, I took the money of buyers myself). ;-)

One of my pet peeves about eBay though is all of these people who have made tons of money and get all of the kudos for being such great eBay-ers. What about us little people? Huh??? The ones who have been around since the beginning and have stuck it out even when eBay got bad press? We sit idly by...selling our wares under the shadow of those people who scour estates and garage sales and truckload sales and then do multiple listings and become Power Sellers and open stores. I don't wish these people ill or anything....I guess I'm just jealous. I don't want to spend my weekends going to garage sales and estate sales and trying to find cheap items to make an extra buck on. I guess I like my life. My job. Working on getting my MBA.

Oh, another pet peeve I have....garage sales. What is up, people? You can NOT sell a garage sale item at an eBay price! People go to garage sales expecting to see items for 25 cents or a dollar - not $5+! Just because it will sell for that on eBay - a worldwide marketplace - does not mean that you can get that in SmallTown USA. Puh-leeze....either list the stuff on eBay yourself or sell it for a quarter.

[Deep breath]

Okay, I'm calm now....

DISCLAIMER: Now, before you go and start flaming me for my opinions on MY blog site, just remember that this is MY opinion and not the opinion of eBay or any other buyers/sellers on eBay. 'K? I have the right to express my thoughts just like everyone else.

So, that said...welcome to eBay Diva ... thanks for stopping by.

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